brain implant

ICAACT Phase III Testing

ICAACT is an Independent evidence gathering Non Profit Human Rights Organization.

This report details the findings of the ICAACT phase III testing procedure. The ICAACT Phase III testing is about testing the human body for RF (Radio Frequency) emission, in a shielded environment. A Faraday cage was utilized to conduct the testing. The shielding spectrum of the environment was rated to be effective between 9KHz and 18GHz. The Faraday cage was certified in December of 2011 and was less than a year old when the tests were conducted. All tests were conducted inside the shielded environment also referred to as a Faraday cage.

magnus olsson

Magnus Olsson

Our intentions are to share our findings in hopes that it will lead to further investigations within the scientific, medical, and forensic communities around the world.

Video of the scanning of Mr. Magnus Olsson (Director of EUCACH) from Sweden.

Download the report in PDF format

Download the zip file containing documents referred to in the appendices

Context of the report

Human electronic implant technologies are not new, they have been in existence since the early 50’s. The use of implant technology has in recent years also gained interest outside the medical and scientific community and has now become tools of interest in many newly emerging commercial fields. They can provide real-time data from real life scenarios, rather than from the restrictive and in many cases limiting artificial scenarios that can be recreated in laboratory and clinical settings. There is a boom in commercially driven neuroscience research like marketing and consumer behavior. The social sciences and especially the behavioral sciences are having a “Field day”. The ethical and legal implications that arise from these implant technologies, and their commercialization, are as yet unsolved, and need urgent attention. These implications pertain to tampering with the innermost sacred sanctum of a human being, the mind.


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